The Leith Lapidary Club runs regular workshops on enamelling, silver work and stone polishing for beginners and intermediate skills level. If you would like book a space or for more information about our workshops please email the club

Please note: the workshops are open to members and non-members. It is essential for members wishing to do lapidary to complete the Lapidary workshop.

Brief Details of LLC Workshops – Autumn Session 2023

Beginners’ Enamelling – 14th October- £50
This Workshop is for people who have no prior experience of enamelling on copper. The techniques of producing attractive items on copper will be taught along with the important safety information that goes along with working with powdered enamel, and extremely hot kilns. There will be a wide range of coloured enamels and pre-cut copper shapes to buy at cost.

Wire Woven Pendant – 21st October- £50
In this workshop, students will be taught beginner-level wire weaving techniques that will enable them to make a wire-wrapped pendant in class, so could lead to other wire-wrapped jewellery in the future. Enamelled copper wire of various colours and a choice of 40cm x 30cm dyed agate beads will be available for a £5 fee, however students are welcome to bring their own. The bead needs to be round, teardrop or oval, vertically drilled and at least 35 to 40mm. Weaving wire needs to be 3mm wide and at least 3 length. The base wire needs to be 8 or 9 mm wide and at least one metre or more. It would be appreciated if the students could bring a large plastic spool or bobbin. 

Bezel Setting for a Cabochon or Enamel – 28th October- £60
This Workshop will cover how to Bezel set a cabochon stone. Small stones, silver sheet and
silver bezel strip will be for sale at cost price. Students are welcome to bring their own stones and materials.

Silver Casting – 4th November- £60
This Workshop will cover sand casting in silver using wooden and aluminium moulds. No prior experience is necessary, and the tools will be provided. It is expected that students will bring their own scrap or casting silver, though there will be a small amount of casting silver for sale.

Casting of a Silver Ingot – 5th November- £10
In this Workshop students will be taught how to cast a silver ingot from scrap silver, then roll it in a rolling mill to create a usable piece of silver. It would be appreciated if the students would bring their own scrap silver.

Fold Forming Copper – 11th November- £55
This Workshop will teach students how to fold form pieces of copper to make 3D forms. This technique can create items such as plates, leaves, cuff bangles or even works of art, although this workshop will be starting with more modest ambitions. Suitable copper pieces will be available to buy at cost.

Cloisonne on Silver – 18th November- £60
We shall teach grinding the enamels and wet-laying for those that have not enamelled on silver before. Cloisonne on silver will be taught using flat silver wire to create cells that can be filled with coloured enamels, to make a unique design on a silver piece. Silver blanks or discs will be available to buy at £10 each. The enamels and fine silver wire will be included in the workshop price.

Making an Enamelled Panel with a Photograph – 25th November- £60
Using one of your own digital photographs (with good contrast which can successfully be turned into black and white) make a sepia toned decal and then apply and fire it onto a 100 mm square pre-enamelled steel panel. If time permits, it can be coloured using enamel water colour paints. If a student hasn’t got their own suitable photo, it can be provided. It would be best if the student email them to Dorothy, the Tutor, ahead of time so she can vet them. She will bring her computer and printer to make the decals at the workshop. The cost will include one steel tile and one A4 sheet of decal paper – approx. £14.00 per student including the paint.

Lapidary – by arrangement- £60
This Workshop is for people with no Lapidary experience. The tutors will teach the lapidary
skills required to prepare a flat or cabochon stone, using saws and grinders and laps, then
polishing it using laps. The stone will be provided. The aim is for students to leave with a
finished stone. This will be arranged on a one-to-one basis with a Tutor.

Workshop participants must be aged 16 or over.  If juniors aged 12-15 wish to attend any workshops then permission must be obtained from the person taking the workshop and a responsible adult must attend with them.

If you have experience in silverwork or enamelling and are interested in become a member, check our membership page, or email the club to arrange a visit