On Silverwork

Silver is an extremely versatile medium so it can be worked on its own to create some lovely items, or it can be combined with a piece of enamelling or with a Lapidary stone.  In our Club we have people who make jewellery and other items, employing all the many techniques that can be carried out solely with silver, or with precious or non-precious stones and enamelling to make lovely and interesting pieces.

The full range of silverwork techniques are practiced in the Club, from casting to chain making, and from shaping to soldering.  Beginners will probably start with sawing and soldering, then move on to texturing, engraving, reticulation and oxidizing to name a few.  Our range of Workshops Tutored by our knowledgeable Members, support both the beginners and intermediary Members.

We create enamel pieces which need a setting of some sort, especially if they are to be worn as jewellery.  As Enamel is actually pigmented glass, it is extremely vulnerable when worn.  This is where silverwork comes in – to hold the piece secure and safe from accidents, such as in a bezel or a claw setting.

Many of our Members are very active in Lapidary, and they use Silver to set the many lovely cabochon stones they have created in the Club.

Obviously all these techniques employ a wide range of tools and machinery, so Leith Lapidary Club is extremely well stocked to provide its Members with their every need.  All that you need to do now is to Become a Member and start designing using your imagination!